Hubert Büchel appointed new member of Management Board of Spektral Bank & Co. AG

Spektral Bank & Co. AG has restructured its organisation, and has also implemented changes on its Management Board and Board of Directors. Hubert Büchel has joined the Management Board. He is the head of the newly created Private & Institutional Clients unit. Dr Kuno Frick Junior, previously a member of the Management Board, has joined the Board of Directors of the Liechtenstein-based private bank.

Balzers (LI) – The Management Board of Spektral Bank & Co. AG has named Hubert Büchel as their newest member. He is the head of the newly created Private & Institutional Clients unit. Up to now, Hubert Büchel was responsible for the Private Clients department at the Bank.

Dr Kuno Frick Junior is no longer part of the Bank’s Management Board. He has moved over to the Board of Directors, where he will play an active role in the strategic development of the company.

«Exceptional understanding of client needs»

The Management Board consists of three members: CEO Edi Wögerer, CFO Roland Frick and now the newly appointed member Hubert Büchel.

As part of Spektral Bank’s strategic repositioning within the BFC Group, all services relevant to client support were grouped under the Private & Institutional Clients heading. “Hubert Büchel has an exceptional understanding of our clients’ wants and needs,” says Dr Mario Frick, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Spektral Bank. “He already proved this as the head of the Private Clients department.»

«Managing markets in Geneva, Zurich and London more pro-actively»

The Private & Institutional Clients unit comprises the Trading, Private Clients and Institutional Clients departments, as well as the UK branch of Spektral Bank, where Hubert Büchel is a Non-executive Director.

«We are confident that our new approach will allow us to better and more efficiently address our clients’ needs, and we will now manage specific markets such as Geneva, Zurich and London in a more pro-active manner,” says Hubert Büchel.

Hubert Büchel (42) holds an Executive MBA in Wealth Management, lives in Ruggell, Liechtenstein, and has worked at Spektral Bank for five years.