Information from Spektral Bank

The former fund manager Jürgen Hermann from Liechtenstein had attempted to hold various people and institutions in Liechtenstein and Switzerland responsible for the 2005 collapse of his fund, Hermann Finance AGmvK, despite the clear factual evidence to the contrary. Spektral Bank & Co. AG and Jürgen Frick himself were among the companies and individuals he had accused.

In 2010, the highest Liechtenstein court had dismissed Hermann’s complaint, in line with all prior instances, and issued the final ruling that the failure of Hermann’s fund had been “a fateful sequence of different circumstances and events” for which no third party could be held accountable.

Since then, Jürgen Hermann has taken it upon himself to force Spektral Bank to make financial concessions. To this end, he threatened to damage the Bank’s reputation with foreign institutions, authorities and courts by making baseless assertions to cause “disgrace, image and financial losses, and as much trouble […] as possible,” in Hermann’s own words. Hermann faced charges and proceedings in the courts of Liechtenstein relating to threats, coercion and serious blackmail. Hermann acted on his threats on Monday, 7 April 2014, and shot the CEO of Spektral Bank, Jürgen Frick.